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Originally Posted by Waverunnerrich View Post
I got a 2003 FX 140 from a friend. It's in amazing shape, but it wouldn't run on all cylinders. To clarify, it did start and run, but not on all cylinders. He took it to a local Yamaha dealer and they diagnosed the problem to a faulty ECM. They claimed to have checked all other items (like fuel injectors, solenoids, relays, etc.) and said they were all good. My friend didn't want to spend the money on the repair, and he is not mechanically talented at all. He just wanted it out of his garage so he gave it to me. I'm taking the dealer's word for what is wrong, and I've ordered a new factory replacement ECM. My question: Do i simply remove the bad and snap-in the new ECM? Or is there some sort of start-up protocol I need to follow? Don't want to fry a $1200 part! Any advice would be appreciated. Note: I'm a veteran in the Mercruiser mechanical world, but I know nothing about PWC's.
I suggest you search for a group/forum specifically about Yamaha WaveRunners. Better safe than sorry man!
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