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axcessadam 06-03-2012 07:37 AM

2001 gp800r starting issues

I have a 2001 gp800r with 130 hrs that was stored in my basement for the winter. It ran fine when I put it away last fall. I drained the gas out of the tank but not the lines, I did spray the fogging spray in the cylinders. I took it out and tried starting it but kept on getting wet plugs so I took out the plugs and cranked the engine to get the liquid out, (wasn't sure if it was too much fuel or the fogging spray). I finally got it running after doing that about ten times. Took it on the water and she was bogged down (23 mph) but slowly got faster to where it was running normal and I ran it for about 2 hrs with no issues. When I got it home I went to wash it out but could not get it started. I replaced the plugs but no luck. I just took the carbs off and and cleaned them and put them back on but still not starting. This time the plugs are not wet. I believe I need carb kits but wanted more input before buying them, ( the old diaphragms looked worn but not torn) . Is there a preference to Mikuni or Winderosa kits? Could there be another cause for this? Thanks in advance.

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