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jwlzq00h 05-10-2018 10:30 PM

Jennings talks about the old master: Anthony's rumors hurt the team
Jennings talks about the old master: Anthony's rumors hurt the team
The Knicks lost their first game of the season at 103-106 in their own home today, returning to the old club's Jennings to get 4 3 rebounds and 3 assists. After the game, he talked about his old master and said that Anthony's rumors hurt the team seriously, this year is his contract year, so he chose to buy with the Knicks, to join a play in the playoffs Team, not in April to pick up things home. Jennings talked about the old Nicks this season, there are many reasons for the decline, such as their lineup did not run well, their defense never as a whole, in the coach nike air jordan 5 Hornsacker attack system running triangular attack is not very comfortable and many more. In the former Knicks players Jennings view, the whole team are learning a kind of they do not understand the play.
In addition, Jennings also mentioned another interesting topic, he believes that Phil - Jackson in the end of January this year to early February hard to sell the practice of Anthony seriously hurt the team, which is the Knicks quickly The biggest reason for the fall. Jennings said: 'I think that thing on the team caused a very bad influence, we all day is no longer about basketball, but consider what happened to Merlot.' Jennings nike air jordan 7 added that It was the most ridiculous thing he had experienced in the league for eight years. Talking about his old brother Anthony, Jennings said playing cool around him, but Anthony took too much pressure on the deal and Phil's problems. The Knicks discussed at least three clubs about the melon trading draft, but none of them was close. Because Anthony holds a deal veto, so the team in the transaction before he must seek his consent.
But Anthony said the team did not discuss the specific deal with him. Jennings said the whole rumors were too unfair to Anthony. 'For Anthony, this is like a roller coaster, and everything he does this year is like sitting on an emotional roller coaster, which is too unfair to him. The rumors of the trade, walking on the way you will never hear yourself going to be traded here or there for a whole two weeks Everybody is bombing your cell phone, all concerned about Mello is not going to leave soon, Merlot is an injury. 'The Knicks nike air jordan 4 are likely to officially finish Anthony's deal this summer, and Melon himself said he would not use his own veto.
Jennings was bought by the team after the trade deadline, and at the age nike air jordan 6 of 28 he was in the contract year, so he wanted to have more playing time and chance to play in the playoffs. After being bought out, he finally chose and signed the Wizards. In this regard, Jennings said: 'I was in the contract year, so I do not want to end early in the season in April.I want to have the opportunity to play the playoffs, so I am very excited now.' Wizards coach Brooks also said : 'Jennings brought us a very strong self-confidence, we like his tough, his enthusiasm than his body, his role is even more tall.' (Li late) Copyright: Tencent Sports Exclusive manuscripts, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held accountable.

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